Quadro Bike 4 – Hard Alpi Tour 2017

QUADRO at HAT, mission accomplished

The 2017 edition of Hardalpitour, the event notorious for the particularly challenging weather conditions, has just concluded. This year’s tour included the participation of the Swiss company QUADRO, taking part with two teams on its four-wheeled scooters, not the usual vehicles that we write about on these pages but, as we always say, it’s the spirit that counts.

Captained by Riccardo and Roberto Marabese, the two teams rode the 520 km of the HAT Classic from San Remo to Sestiere in the saddle of standard production vehicles.

Lining up alongside many “normal” (or at least two-wheeled) Enduro bikes, the Swiss brand’s decision to take part with production line vehicles must be seen as a huge act of courage if we consider the genuine risk of failure.

Roberto Marabese, designer at the company, explained in person what led QUADRO to take part in this event. “The sense of the challenge, obviously.

The desire to explore the full potential of our four-wheeled scooter.

The QUADRO4 was born as an urban vehicle, but it has demonstrated an ability to cope with a range of different terrains. We were all sure of the quality of the mechanical side, though we had some doubts about how well the rigid structure would fare, seeing as it’s a city scooter. But it managed to stand up to the pretty tough punches that the course threw at us along the way.”

The sense of a challenge obviously

“The six scooters were all production models, but there was one Steinbock version fitted the touring accessories. We are thinking of exhibiting the bike used for this adventure at the EICMA in November. On all of the other vehicles we put winter tyres and a pair of extra headlights. That’s all, no modifications to the mechanical side or anything else.”

The influence of the weather “Eleven hours of rain is a real nightmare,” explained Marabese, “with mud, churned up ground, stony surfaces, fog, cold. The night-time temperature dropped to two degrees… hanging on for 25 hours was crazy, but we didn’t give up. I can say that we could have reached the destination even sooner but we chose not to push it because some us only had limited experience of off road riding. So we were really satisfied to hear positive comments from other riders. They couldn’t believe their eyes and some pointed out that our traction was awesome. In fact, our vehicles can move through mud without any problems. It’s worth remembering that QUADRO4 has two driving wheels and is supported on four wheels.”

“Concerning mechanical problems, we punctured a tyre, lost a screw, and broke a wing mirror. Overall, the experience was very positive, we had a great time and the result we achieved makes us want to try again. Maybe we’ll do even better with more equipment or with some fine-tuning. Usually for the design tests we use the track. Broadening the scope a bit, without becoming obsessively competitive, is something I wouldn’t mind doing”


Why women over 40 should use online dating

Online dating can be scary but it doesn’t have to be. For most women over 40, it’s a last resort, definitely not something that they’re used to like old fashioned face to face dating. If you’re still looking for Mr. Right well into your 40s and have tried online dating before but just didn’t have any luck with it then hopefully this article can help you.

If you are over 40, here is how you get a boyfriend…

Whether you’re new to online dating or if you haven’t had any luck with online dating so far then it’s time to step back and really evaluate what could be stopping you from finding “the one”. Take these online dating tips to help get noticed by the best potential suitors.

TIP #1

Chose the best online dating platform for what you want to accomplish. Shy away from sites that cater towards younger singles like Plenty of Fish or that have a reputation for being too casual like Tinder . Match.com attract older, more mature people, so they would be better choices if you’re looking for a serious connection. Depending on where you live there might even be a location specific site like Gold Coast Matchmakers for 40+ singles in the Boca Raton, West Palm and Jupiter, Florida areas.

TIP #2

Spend quality time in setting up your profile. If your profile appears too basic, it’ll get lost in the rest of the generic profiles out there. Your bio should be a good length, a 3-5 sentence paragraph, so that it’s not too short or too long. It should be inviting and intriguing. The bio isn’t so much about what you do or your preferences but rather your accomplishments and your future goals to attract someone with the same wants.

TIP #3

Choose outstanding photos. Don’t hide behind filters or outdated photos. Chose a recent photo where you appear confident, where you are smiling. Dating coach Damona Hoffman [https://www.oprahmag.com/life/relationships-love/a25776713/guide-to-online-dating/] suggests using a photo that follows the three Cs: colorful (vibrant colors are more attractive), shows context (portrays your hobbies or adventures), and shows character (a funny face showing your quirky side). Add at least one full body photo too so there’re no surprises when it’s time to meet in person.

TIP #4

Lead the process by initiating the first contact. Let’s be honest, men suck at communicating so by you initiating the first contact, it takes the awkward small talk off the table and opens the door for better communication. Start with light banter, something funny. You can even poke fun at him to show you have a not-so-serious side.

TIP #5

Lead the process with initiating the first face-to-face meeting. Again, men suck at this stuff way more than women so by taking the reins and asking for the first date, he’ll be more willing knowing he doesn’t have to do it all. Suggest something easy, like meeting for coffee so there isn’t any pressure and see how it goes. If all goes well, hopefully he’ll initiate a second date.

Online dating can be successful if you’re willing to put in the work. Think of it as a job, like a freelancer hustling for clients, you have to constantly strategize and change what isn’t working. If all else fails, there’s always the grocery store.

Best Dating Tips For Women who are shy

Dating is tricky. Finding someone in this world that checks all your boxes and treats you correctly is never easy. I, like many others, have had trouble navigating the complexities of the dating world.

See this article to see if you have hidden abandonment issues…

It’s tricky finding someone worth your time! You’re almost always going to experience the wrong people before you find that perfect someone. With the technological advances that our society has experienced in such a short amount of time, it’s no wonder why we as a collective struggle to date.

Keep these 4 things in mind when trying to find someone to help cut out a lot of negativity from your dating life.

Be Yourself

I know that this seems very self-explanatory. However, one of the biggest mistakes you can make when looking for a significant other is trying to be what you think they want to be more desirable.

You need to attract people that enjoy your authentic presence. In whatever form you choose to pursue dating, make sure you are not putting on a front or pretending to be something or someone that you’re not. It may be tempting to bend a little to be more relatable or attractive to someone you might like- in the end you deserve someone who likes you for exactly who you are.

Be Upfront

When showing interest in anyone make sure you’re both on the same page. In order to be on the same page with someone, you need to tell them exactly what you want out of the relationship.

Be upfront and honest about what you’re looking for and you’re less likely to have misunderstandings later on.

You will have a higher chance of finding exactly what you’re wanting if you put it all out there- whether that’s telling the person you’re interested in what you want out of the relationship or detailing what you’d like in your dating profile. You deserve to get what you want; Make it known!

Don’t Settle For Less

Another mistake people make all the time pertains to accepting less than what they deserve in relationships. No matter who you are if you’re romantically inclined with someone you deserve to feel loved and accepted, to feel like a priority, and to feel safe with them. Always follow your instincts when it comes to how you feel while dating someone.

Do not settle for less than feeling happy and content with the person. It doesn’t matter what you look like, how old you are, where you’re at in life- you never deserve to feel bad in a relationship. Don’t settle for less than you deserve. Make sure that when you’re dating you know your worth.

Don’t Be Discouraged

Finally, don’t let yourself become discouraged or disheartened. The media often portrays romantic relationships as the main goal in life. Dating should be a plus in your life not your main source of happiness. If you’re struggling to find someone and feeling hopeless just know that you don’t and shouldn’t need a significant other to be happy. Becoming bitter from past relationship failures will only lower your chances of finding the perfect person for you. Until you find that person who fills your life with joy- be that person for yourself. Find your own happiness and the right person will find you.

Should I do online dating if I’m old

The first thing a woman over 50 should know about online dating is that it is NOTHING like traditional dating.

It is almost like sifting through resumes.

And it’s so easy for men to pull away

Except you’re not trying to get a job, but a new fling, husband, wife or one good night. Whatever it is you are looking for, there’s a good chance you will find it online. OR you will find more or less than what you bargained for. Online dating is its own demon. I don’t say demon to discourage.

Sometimes demons can be fun. Just got to learn how to tame them. Let’s find out how to wrestle with online dating.


Are you a hot momma looking for one fun night? Maybe you should try Tinder. Are you a woman who is just looking to meet some cool new people and see where it goes? Plenty of Fish might be a good option for you.

If you are particularly nervous about online dating and having random men message you, Bumble is a good place to start. With Bumble the woman makes the first move. This can help you find someone you match up with easier and without the countless unsolicited inappropriate photos that some men like to send.

Whatever your goals and ambitions are with dating at your age, there is a site or app for you. Many of them offer a free version so you do not even have to pay for a membership.


Many people try to pretend that they are someone they’re not online. If you are searching for something genuine in your life right now, it only makes sense to be genuine to the people you are trying to interact with. If you have kids, don’t keep it a secret. You are an awesome mom! Let it be known that you raised your children and did a damn good job doing it. Everyone responds well to honesty.


Make sure you profile is up to date. No one wants to see a wedding photo from 1985. Show your gorgeous and authentic CURRENT self. You are beautiful at any age and any point in your life. Let them know that you are confident in who you are now. Went on vacation recently? Post some photos of you having fun and being adventurous. The last thing some one browsing on a dating app wants to see is a stick in the mud.


Safety is the most important thing to consider when online dating. There are some real creeps out there. Never give out your personal information such as bank info, ID, credit card info, address, etc. Smooth talkers prey on the trusting, especially on the internet. When meeting someone for the first time on a date, do not go to their house or have them come to yours. ALWAYS meet in a public place. Restaurants are a great option, malls, public beaches, the park, or movies. If your instincts tell you something’s not right, then it probably isn’t.

And finally… Don’t get discouraged

There will be some dates where you leave feeling confused or discouraged. Don’t wear your heart on your sleeve. Accept that there are plenty of fish in the sea and keep on fishing. Not everyone can live up to expectations. Dating over 50 can be especially hard. Just keep searching and having fun! Life isn’t all about finding a partner and settling down right away. Take this time in your life to experience new things.

Online dating advice for women over 50 years old

More and more women over 50 and still have enough longing and thirst for adventure to dare to make a fresh start in love.

But where do you find your dream partner?

And avoid toxic relationships that so many women find themselves in…

See article https://www.thefemininewoman.com/10-seemingly-harmless-signs-toxic-relationship/

Online dating offers women who are not 20 or 30 years of age, many more opportunities to meet interesting men than opportunities in real life. However, there is one thing you should know: women over 50 have different rules in dating sites than 30-year-olds.

In the following blog article, we will reveal the four golden rules to you: How you as a woman over 50 can use your chances effectively in dating sites and find a loving partner when online dating.


Tinder, Loovoo, Badoo? Again and again, women over 50 turn to us registered with one of these flirt exchanges and received almost no severe letters there. No wonder, because these dating apps are free or very cheap. Accordingly, there is an unusually large number of men on the prowl who only browse without obligation and want to flirt a little. Or who are bluntly after nothing but sex. Women over 50 who want a stable partnership have no place in a free flirt app. As an alternative to dating apps, more and more partner platforms that have specialized in the so-called best agers have entered the market in recent years. The reason: The baby boomers of the 1960s, the baby boomers, have now passed their 50s. Hardly anyone wants to assign themselves to their actual age group.


Many singles over 50 can also be found in the large and well-known partner exchanges. The size of the membership file alone ensures that with 50plus, you often get more partner suggestions than with the small, specialized niche platforms.


With your arms stretched far away from you and the shutter release button pressed, without makeup on the beach or sweaty after exercise – such a selfie may still look halfway suitable for a 30-year-old. Yet, for most women over 50, it is extremely disadvantageous. Taking a selfie as a profile picture is a poor choice for women over 50 In soft light, with natural makeup and in advantageous, flattering outfits, women over 50 looks a lot better than without fine-tuning. So don’t settle for anything less than the best possible photo for your profile picture. If your profile picture is not attractive, most men will keep clicking without even looking at your profile text.


Did you raise four children, traveled through South America during your studies, or changed jobs again at the age of 48? Tell me about it! Women over 50 have a lot of exciting experiences ahead of 30-year-olds. Wisdom of life and a more open relationship with one’s own body are often added. You are welcome to play these trump cards!


The bad news first: Even with an excellent profile text, very few women over 50 can sit back and wait for hundreds of messages to flood their mailboxes. Many men mainly write to women in dating sites who are significantly younger than themselves. The seemingly endless selection leads to a kind of catalog mentality: Men first order the (supposed) optimum, the very young, beautiful woman. Unfortunately, it is a fact that women over 50 receive significantly fewer messages than 30-year-olds because men of all ages write to them! And now the good news: In principle, men don’t care about age on paper. Men want a young-looking, attractive, and youthfully lively woman. Whether this is 53 or 48, according to the birth certificate, hardly matters. Please forget your usual reluctance and not wait for men in dating sites to take the first step towards you. If you, as a woman over 50, would like to meet men of the same age or younger while online dating, you must actively write to them!

Online dating: best online dating tips for women over 40

Women over 40 still have a chance to find love and happiness again in the dating world. In life, companionship is very important, and just because you reach the 40 mark does not mean that you cannot be happy.

The truth is, there are many men over the age of 40 who are looking for someone like you and they will not find you if you do not play your part.

As long as you watch out for what you put on your dating profile…

See article: https://www.thefemininewoman.com/dating-profiles-men-fall-in-love-with/

Online dating especially makes the whole process easier for you as it breaks the geographical barriers which increases your chances of finding the ideal man for you. But to be successful, you must know the best online dating tips to apply.

Tip 1 – Get a good dating site over 40 years old to join.

You have decided to go to the online dating because it has many advantages. However, not every dating site you offer will acquaint you with the right people or produce the expected results. Since you are probably looking for mature dating, connecting with a good dating site that is 40+ should be the way to go. This site is only intended for people in their forties, so you can ask men to complete their age or be mature enough for you.

Tip 2 – Take beautiful photos for your profile.

Show that smile and make sure you have everything from your clothes to your hair and makeup. Remember, men are naturally visual beings and are easily influenced by what they see rather than what they hear. The goal should be to take pictures that speak for themselves and tell you how to take care of yourself. Show confidence, but be careful not to overdo it, especially with makeup. If you do not have your daily eyesight then it is okay to show some wrinkles to look younger.

Tip 3 – Put together your online profile with care

You want to say that whatever is important and the latter is kept most sensitive. Give a detailed picture of the person you are and what you are looking for without looking too perfect. A good technique when writing a profile is to describe what you like about a man. Try as much as possible to keep the profile simple and sufficiently detailed, but also arouse curiosity and interest in your ability.

Tip 4-Women should also embrace their intelligence.

There is no need to play stupid to impress a man; The best way to impress him is to show his intellectual equality. This will help the older woman to gain more experience and knowledge in life away from younger children, who may lack maturity and balance. Women over the age of forty should reevaluate their criteria. It may not be practical for a forty-year-old man to want the same things as you did in 20 years. Sometimes it can be helpful to broaden your horizons – you never know who to meet by doing so!

If you decide to try online dating as a woman over 40, always choose more than 40 dating sites that give you the kind of show you really deserve. Then you can introduce yourself on a profile and start dating.

Quadro4, lo scooter con quattro ruote

Non azzardatevi a chiamarlo quad, perché il nuovo Quadro4 dellʼazienda ticinese Quadro Vehicles ‒ una delle sorprese più interessanti viste al Motor Show di Bologna ‒ è uno scooter a tutti gli effetti, soltanto con 4 ruote. Alle due ravvicinate anteriori (proprie anche del Quadro3) si aggiungono le due posteriori e lo stesso principio delle sospensioni basculanti che hanno reso celebre lʼazienda di Chiasso.

Il fulcro centrale di tutta la produzione Quadro Vehicles sta nelle sospensioni idro-pneumatiche, una tecnologia brevettata a livello internazionale che permette di assorbire ogni asperità della carreggiata, mantenendo costantemente le quattro ruote a terra e rendendo il veicolo sicurissimo anche sul bagnato. Sicuro e stabile, consente persino di non mettere i piedi a terra quandʼè fermo ai semafori. Il nuovo Quadro4 si avvale inoltre del sistema di frenata combinata e bilanciata ‒ 50% anteriore e 50% posteriore ‒ con quattro freni a disco, uno per ciascuna ruota. Una dotazione importante per un mezzo di stazza, che ha le misure di un maxi-scooter e pesa più di 250 chili.

Il motore da 350 cc si avvale di un differenziale integrato per la doppia trazione posteriore, mentre il doppio contralbero azzera le vibrazioni e garantisce un comfort elevato anche sulle lunghe distanze. Infine, ha il vantaggio di poter essere guidato anche con la patente auto, grazie ad alcuni accorgimenti come il freno a pedale, che ripete la stessa funzione del freno sinistro, mentre il freno a mano sʼinserisce liberando dal blocchetto dʼavviamento una leva laterale. Il prezzo del nuovo Quadro4 è di 9.890 euro.

“Quattro ruote spostano il corpo, due muovono l’anima.”

Ormai siamo quasi stufi di sentirla, però se quattro ruote si guidano con un manubrio e piegano come una moto?

Lungi da me infilarmi nel ginepraio dei detrattori delle ruote oltre le due e tantomeno nella diatriba Scooter/Moto, questo è solo un test di un mezzo particolare che ci ha incuriosito e che abbiamo voluto toccare con mano.

Quadro TWIST, per portare in scooter anche gli amici a 4 zampe!

I veicoli del marchio sono innovativi? Anche i suoi accessori non scherzano e propongono una soluzione per tutto: dalle esigenze cittadine, allo spazio per i bagagli, dal miglioramento del comfort di guida, alla sicurezza. A rappresentarli vi presentiamo TWIST, supporto rotante che “alloggia” valigie rigide, top case e la dog bag. Non c’è dubbio: l’attenzione che QUADRO dedica ai suoi clienti è scrupolosa e mirata.

Ogni produttore di scooter ha una linea di accessori a proprio marchio. QUADRO sembra avere una marcia in più. A convalidarlo è la specificità di alcune delle nuove proposte, finalizzate al veicolo e conducente, tra cui l’inedito e geniale TWIST. Brevettato da QUADRO e utilizzabile sul 4 ruote del marchio, questo “turnable support” si compone di due parti: il piano rotante, adattabile a differenti utilizzi, e il meccanismo di blocco/sblocco, sviluppato intorno a un comodo e robusto schienalino.

Nel settore scooter, il bauletto fissato al portapacchi rappresenta il modo più classico per aumentare lo spazio utile per il bagaglio. TWIST amplia l’orizzonte permettendo all’utente, quando viaggia da solo, di ruotare di 180° il bauletto, portandolo dalla posizione “a sbalzo” sopra la sella del passeggero. In questo, modo la lunghezza massima del veicolo è contenuta e lo spostamento dei pesi influisce in modo positivo sul baricentro e sui flussi aerodinamici.

Il top case proposto da QUADRO è lo SHAD da 50 litri (disponibile in 4 colori), ma sul TWIST trovano posto anche valigie rigide laterali di GIVI, posizionate affiancate e fissate tramite il classico attacco Monokey (in foto una coppia di Trekker) e, last but not least, anche la dog bag di PET ON WHEELS. Una soluzione intelligente e, soprattutto, sicura per portare con sé il proprio amico a quattro zampe.

Accessori originali e optional per QUADRO3 e QUADRO4: Il resto della gamma

PER IL VEICOLO: Il coprigambe Termoscud (con sistema antisventolio) realizzato da Tucano Urbano per Quadro. Il Sissy bar per il passeggero, robusto e con superficie di appoggio ampia. Due modelli di antifurto: la versione meccanica che blocca la manopola al telaio e quella elettronica by GEMINI. Gli screen di protezione dal vento costituiti da due parabrezza (versione alta e con spoiler regolabile + porta navigatore) e da coprimani ed estensioni trasparenti laterali da montare sullo scudo anteriore all’altezza delle gambe. Il telo copri scooter. Le manopole riscaldate (compatibilità con i modelli del marchio KOSO). Gli pneumatici invernali (HEIDENAU).
PER CONDUCENTE E PASSEGGERO: Casco jet QUADRO rivestito in pelle e dotato di visiera corta a occhiale, taglie da S a XL. Polo t-shirt, taglie da S a XXL. Baseball cap.

Lungi da me infilarmi nel ginepraio dei detrattori delle ruote oltre le due e tantomeno nella diatriba Scooter/Moto, questo è solo un test di un mezzo particolare che ci ha incuriosito e che abbiamo voluto toccare con mano.