The Planet Explorer 6 Norway project is born from the desire to travel, learn and discover our wonderful world, using the most congenial vehicle to fully express the sense of freedom: the scooter.

The perfect vehicle for Norway’s trip is a QUADRO4, the first scooter with four-wheels in the world!

The journey begins in Evenes and the first stop will be at the Polar Park. In this huge range, nestled between mountains and rivers, are living elk, foxes but also lynx and wolves, as well as ferocious glutton.

A few hours on the road from the Polar Park, to the south-west direction, and the tour will reach the Lofoten Islands which remain one of the most picturesque landscape in the world, a paradise enclosed between fjords and mountains that plunge straight into a sea with cobalt reflections.

At Stramnes, in a small wooden house that reminds us ‘fairy tales’ of the Grimm Brothers, we will visit the Polar Light Centre where Rob & Therese, a Dutch couple, are studying from a lifetime the phenomenon of the aurora borealis, a fascinating spectacle of nature and atmosphere, which is one of the focal point of the trip.

But if the Lofoten Islands at night gift the surprise of the “magic light” of the aurora borealis, during the day become a fascinating and photo-safari scenario where meet the white-tailed sea eagles along the coast of Svolvaer or the colorful rorbu Nusfjord, Unesco heritage site, the second major essence of the trip.