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Quadro Vehicles will be attend at the 76th edition of EICMA 2018, with the new tagline “advanced mobility solutions”. The brand is expression of an innovative concept of urban and extra-urban mobility. The aims is to facilitate the travels, through technological solutions to overcome the stress caused by traffic congestion, and ensure a high level of safety on the road. A stand dedicated to innovation with the exhibition of 9 vehicles, among which there are two protagonists: the new Nuvion, the first Light-Weight Urban Vehicle (LUV) in the world and the new XQooder for an off-road driving.

Also on show: Qooder in a equipped version; the vehicle used for the Hard Alpi Tour (HAT) edition, and the special “Steinbock” limited edition. Furthermore, in exhibition 3 QV3 specimes, including the special “Edelweiss” version.

“In EICMA will be presented some new products, that looks at the future”, said Paolo Gagliardo, CEO of the Swiss company.


In exhibition 2 Nuvion “the new city mover”, the first Light-Weight Urban Vehicle (LUV) on the world scene. The most compact vehicle in its class thanks to its features: light, small size, bright colors with an urban design, and advanced technologies.

The first product of the Nuvion brand is a 3-wheel 300 cc, which is possible to drive with the license b, weighing less than 200 kg. Thank you to its lightness, the weight-to-power ratio is at the level of the “best-in-class” 2 wheel scooters.

Among its features:

– Length: 1’973 mm
– Width: 740 mm
– Seat height: 760 mm
– Wheelbase: 1’430 mm
– Maximum speed > 125 Km / h

One of Nuvion’s innovation is represented by the electronic version of the HTS Hydraulic Tilting System , e-HTS, which adds the electronic button lock to the patented Quadro Vehicles technology, continuing to guarantee a smooth and stable driving even in the worst conditions road.

“Nuvion got a fresh, colorful and dynamic style, the ideal to become the new icon of the city.” – States Gagliardo. – “It has a transversal soul and combines 2 elements: fun and safe driving”.


The brand Qooder will be present at EICMA 2018 with the debut of XQooder, a new vehicle that guarantees the same level of safety and stability as a traditional Qooder but, at the same time, amplifies the fun of driving, in a version more “extreme” even off-road.

“With XQooder the enduro is no longer a universe dedicated exclusively to expert motorcyclists but allows everyone to experience an adventure on dirt paths. The ‘concept’ is born from the participation of our team at the last 2 editions of the motorcycle event HAT. On both occasions, a fleet of vehicles with the QooderTM brand has crossed a path of about 580 km, consisting of dirt roads for 60% and the remainder of an itinerary that only specialized off-road motorcycles are able to complete”. Underlines Gagliardo.

Its design reflects the ergonomics of a motorcycle specifically enduro with saddle, handlebar and footrest that allow the ergonomic triangle to be adapted to the type of driving. The tank has been positioned ahead of the engine, to centralize the masses and make the vehicle even more agile. The front has a sharp and protective line to accommodate the front quadrilateral and the unprecedented HTSMulti-road, present on the front and rear. It is a system that provides greater performance in steep floors and rough terrain typical of the off-road conditions. The back has instead been slimmed down with a high tapered tail that guarantees lightness, dynamism and essential lines.

Therefore, the adventurous spirit of Qooder is made possible by the “Qooder Modular Architecture” (QMA) platform, which with specific adaptations transforms the new mobility category into a 4-wheel vehicle ready for the off-road vehicles.

Among its features we find:

– The dual technology HTS Hydraulic Tilting System that allows the 4 wheels to fold simultaneously with agility and safety;
– Front parallelogram suspension with independent arms;
– A steering system that follows the geometry of Ackermann, to optimize the orientation of the front tires and the cornering distance;
– Dual Traction, with integrated differential with 2 rear driving wheels.

The Quadro Vehicles stand is also composed by: one of the Qooder that was used during the HAT competition. It is been kept in the natural state of the finish of race, and marked by the “Qooder Gang” sticker on both front sides. In addition, the standard Qooder will be present in the “Ceresio” blue body color, and enriched by the new “winter kit” complete with Michelin Winter City Grip snow tires, Tucano Urbano legs cover, 50L trunk and side mirrors with Swiss flags.


Qooder and QV3 in limited edition with “Steinbock” and “Edelweiss” are both available on the market with 99 units and have a more aggressive soul. In opaque green “Alpi”, QV3 “Edelweiss” has a sporty look, while Qooder “Steinbock” in pastel white “Snow” paint, is equipped with a 399 cc central engine with 32.5 HP and integrated differential. In this contest, 2 other QV3 vehicles will be exposed, featuring a 346 cc engine with 28.9 HP. QV3 has the largest wheels in its class, front 14″ and rear 15″ with a low center of gravity.

“We are proud of our vehicle range, which represents technological excellence in the international automotive scene. What I always say is that: to understand the true nature of these means, you have to try them on the road. With the Quadro Vehicles products, every journey becomes exclusive, a unique experience to fall in love with”. Concludes Gagliardo.

It is worthwhile to mention the arrival of Q-Store in Switzerland, the first e-commerce in the world, where it is possible to purchase all the products and accessories of the Quadro Vehicles online with customized offers tailored to the needs of the customers. Through Q-Store the customer will receive the registered vehicle directly at home, that will be delivered by a “Q-specialist” technician, which will explain all the vehicles’s features. The driver will have the opportunity to test the products of the Swiss company, through possible to rent the vehicles for 2, 4 or 7 days and the cost of the rental, in case of purchase, will be reimbursed.

For more information it’s possibile to download EICMA 2018 documentation at the page and visit the Q-Store website